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Melodic and edgy rock from Spoon

How much time do you suppose bands spend posing for pictures?

How much time do you suppose bands spend posing for pictures?

A band I have been enjoying is Spoon. I have three of their albums, but today I’m going to talk about my favorite, Gimme Fiction from 2005. This cool album is full of solid pop guitar, vocals that are alternately sweet and gravelly, and some truly fine piano work. While most of the songs are melodic pop tunes, there is almost always something edgy or experimental about them that keeps the disc from getting flat.

I have ripped 7 songs from this disc to my iPod. Give these a listen:

  • Beast and Dragon, Adored – The piano and vocals are catchy. It is the guitar that is raucous and daring.
  • I Turn My Camera On – A spare, driving arrangement of bass, drums, and guitar. The vocals are delivered in falsetto.
  • My Mathematical Mind – This is my favorite song on the disc. I like the piano work and the vocal melody. The lyrics are the heart of this tune with gems like, “…planning for the apocalypse is not considered — considered cool. I don’t suggest it myself,” and, “My mathematical mind can see the breaks.”
  • I Summon You – OK, so there’s nothing edgy about this one. Just a fat pop hook.
  • The Infinite Pet – This is a bass-driven tune with vocals sung in two octaves simultaneously — an effect I like — and an outstanding chorus.
  • Was It You? – A slick, oozy song about stumbling upon some people having some kind of shady fun in the woods.
  • Merchants of Soul – Some strings and synth spice up another fat piano-led tune.

I think Sister Jack wound up on somebody’s soundtrack. You might like that one, too.

I saw Spoon at Bonnaroo in ‘07. I was very excited for the show and dragged some friends along. I was chagrined that they really weren’t that compelling live. I don’t know if it was the song selection or just my frame of mind. The didn’t do any of my favorites and they just weren’t as interesting as I know them to be.

I also have Kill the Moonlight and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga and love them both.



March 23, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Popular, Rock

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