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A mix of atmospheric Chillout music

Friday mix time. This week, I put together music in a style that I find myself gravitating toward increasingly. I’ve seen this style called Chillout, though some of it gets shelved in Electronica, Trip Hop, and other places. It’s generally mellow, highly produced (lots of stuff by DJ Whoever), features electronic instrumentation and atmospheric effects, and is very groove heavy. Great background music. I’ve got a mix with just over 300 songs of this stuff and I like to throw it on when I’m sitting around drinking wine with a few friends.

1. Let’s Make a Record – King Britt (featuring Sister Gertrude Morgan)
Yes, let’s. This is from the great disc, King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan. The whole disc is full of tracks that sound like this.
2. Changeling – DJ Shadow
If you don’t already have it, you should really get Endtroducing… This is a representative track from the influential Trip-Hop disc (that also features a sample from the 1987 John Carpenter classic, Prince of Darkness).
3. Electro Glide in Blue – Apollo 440
This has a nice vibe that occasionally swells behind a great vocal performance.
4. Black Baby – Kruder & Dorfmeister
This isn’t so much a song as an evolving groove.
5. Miskatonic – Najma
Najma is cool. I like the Middle Eastern take on Western musical forms.
6. Martha My Dear – Groove Collective
Obeys my number 1 rule of covers. Don’t just do the song again, reinterpret it. This retreads a Paul song from the White Album.
7. Satie 1 – Endorphin
And speaking of retreads, this updates the very old Erik Satie composition.
8. Iambic 9 Poetry – Squarepusher
Only the last 3 seconds of the sample sound like most of the song. The chord progression repeats, the percussion is featured.
9. Hairy Insides – Fila Brazillia
6:39 of building and evolving grooves. Very nice.
10. LP Reterat – Luscious Jackson
LJ’s 1994 release Natural Ingredients was ahead of its time.
11. Don’t Explain – Billie Holiday (Dzihan & Kamien Remix)
This is from the first Verve Remixed album. I love this whole series. They regroove classic vocal performances from Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, and others.
12. Stretch (You Are All Right) – Tortoise
Vamping bass, vibes (the instrument) , and spacey production create a smooth feel.
13. Feelin’ Good – Nina Simone (Joe Claussell Remix)
Back to Verve Remixed, this time with the incomparable Nina Simone.
14. Destiny – Zero 7
I make mixes for people a lot and it seems I like to finish with Zero 7 songs.

When I give a disc of this stuff to a friend, I use this cover art. I would love to give credit for the image, but I was unable to find where it originated. Enjoy with red wine and a couple friends.



March 13, 2009 - Posted by | Electronica, Mix CD

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