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A Metal / Hard Rock mix for your weekend

It feels like spring today. The temperature is back into the 60s. Birds are chirping in the trees. There are even a few flowers (snowdrops) poking up out of the ground. I threw open the windows throughout the house to replace the stale air for the first time in months. Time to annoy the neighbors with some really raucous hard rock.

If you’re interested in creating this mix and use iTunes, I’ve tried to make it a little easier for you by creating an iMix in the iTunes Store.  Unfortunately, only 10 of the 15 tracks in this mix are listed, even though they are all available through iTunes. I’m not sure why the app truncated my mix, but this will get you a good start.

  1. Go to the iTunes Store
  2. In the top left box of the center pane, select “Music.”
  3. Once the page renders, the box below it will have a link to iMix.
  4. Search for Oswald or MissedMusic and you’ll find it.

1. Manwhore – Spike 1000 – Waste of Skin
Always start strong, right? Check out the lyrics. Someone’s asking for it.
2. Enemies – Helmet – Size Matters
God, the guitar in this is a kick in the ribs.
3. Pandamoranda – Lovedrug – Pretend You’re Alive
You may already have this on my prior recommendation, but it really fits in this mix.
4. S.S.Recognize – Alien Ant Farm – truANT
I’m not usually an Alien Ant Farm fan, but they got this one right. I love the guitar work.
5. Promoter (of Earthbound Causes) – Clutch – Blast Tyrant
You can’t do a metal mix without Clutch. That’s the law.
6. Bullet – Injected – Burn It Black
I love metal that is smart, not silly. This one is a cautionary tale about murder.
7. World Wide Suicide – Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam
Heard it a lot on the radio, but I still love this song.
8. My Time – Earshot – Letting Go
Great vocal performance on this song.
9. Idea Track – Idle wild – 100 Broken Windows
This is maybe more Alternative than Metal, but it rocks.
10. Love Is Not Enough – Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth
“We didn’t give it a mouth so it cannot complain.” Gotta love Trent Reznor.
11. Punck– The Suicide Machines – Battle Hymns
OK, you may not want to pay $0.99 for this 4 second song. I like it and it makes a good transition to the Dead Kennedys. You can hear the entire thing on Amazon.
12. Stealing People’s Mail – Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
The only track by the Dead Kennedys I like (though admittedly, I haven’t heard them all). This song rocks and cracks me up.
13. Nobody – Skindred –Babylon
Another song I have recommended previously. A hard, hard rocker.
14. Panorama – Treponem Pal – Higher
The Reggae feel gives way to gravelly, hard guitars.
15. God Is In the Radio – Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
A great way to end a heavy mix, in my opinion.

I have sent this mix to friends and family using this cover art. Credit to George Mahlberg for his brilliant Photoshop skills on the original Bob Jackson photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.

Oswald and Jack, layin it down.

Oswald and Jack, layin it down.


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