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Pop with roots from Austin, Texas’ Bob Schneider

In the mid-nineties, my brother sent me a couple CDs of two acts popular in the music hotbed of Texas, Austin. One of them was Soulhat‘s Outdebox. I love this disc but won’t write about it today beyond telling you Prayin’ for Rain and Brian Waltz will give you a flavor for the album. The other was Joe Rockhead’s 1992 release No Going Back.

I enjoyed No Going Back a lot. Falling Down Laughing and More Like You are great songs and there are some others on the CD. Sadly, though the CD is available used, I can find no samples (other than a blurry, noisy video of a live performance of More Like You on YouTube). They released several more CDs that never came my way and then I heard that Joe Rockhead frontman Bob Schneider had a new band, The Ugly Americans.

The Uglies used to swing through Denver once or twice a year and I would go see them at Herman’s Hideaway. They were 100% a bar band. Fun, very danceable, but never going to make the big time. The Ugly Americans put out a few good albums, too, and you might want to look into Boom Boom Baby. A couple notables off this album:

  • Boom Boom Baby – The explicit version of this song has some of the dirtiest lyrics I’ve ever heard.
  • The Wrong Direction – Every now and then Bob Schneider puts out an irresistible pop hook like this one.
  • One and a Rainbow – Unfortunately, this sample is of the intro so you don’t get to hear when it gets going. Good song though.

Anyway, the band broke up and a lot of their stuff’s out of print now, including Boom Boom Baby. Bob Schneider also at some point had another band, the Scabs. These guys had more of a blues/funk feel but to be honest, none of their music interested me very much.

Oh, you're from Austin? What's the name of your band?

Oh, you're from Austin? What's the name of your band?

These days, Bob Schneider is out on his own. You may even have heard of him. For a short time around 2000, Bob was dating Sandra Bullock. It was during that time that he recorded the 2001 release Lonelyland.

80% of this album is very good. Just a couple forgettable tracks. Six made the cut and are on my iPod.

  • Big Blue Sea – This song demonstrates his rhythmic sense of how to deliver lyrics. Bob’s got flow.
  • The World Exploded Into Love – This is a beautiful ballad and one of the strongest tracks on the album.
  • Round and Round – My daughter loves this song and so do I. At the end of the sample, you can hear Sandra Bullock’s mother in the studio to sing a little opera for us.
  • Moon Song – This is a pretty little song that has kind of a spanish guitar thing going on.
  • Madeline – This oozy, relaxed track is delicately put together and very pleasant.
  • Oklahoma – I like the syncopated percussion, the lyrics, and the kind of hopeful, inspiring chord progression in this song about the end of the world.

You can hear his very tight, well scripted promo for his new album on his website.


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