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Music you didn’t know you needed…until now.

Pissed your long weekend is over? So are these guys.

Ugh. I'm gonna need some help...

Ugh. I'm gonna need some help...

Damn. Another long weekend bites the dust. If your coffee’s not giving you the energy you need to get through the week, I’ve picked out a couple tracks from three hard rock/metal bands. I’m not usually that into metal. In order to grab me, there has to be something melodic going on. Sing to me; don’t give me unintelligible Cookie Monster chanting. Two or three time signatures per song is usually enough. These songs are hard without being chaotic and noisy.

Skindred is a full on Metal band from Wales, and you know that everyone within 500 miles of Scandinavia is really serious about their metal (take Lordi, for example, from Finland). I picked a couple from their 2002 release, Babylon, for you today. The album features innovative guitar work, varied vocal tricks, and Hip Hop-inspired production throughout, so when they hit upon a catchy hook the song must be heard loud to be truly appreciated. Give a listen to

  • Nobody – So named because Nobody gets out of this pit alive! I would not want to be within 100 feet of the stage during this song.
  • Pressure – Every time this song comes on my iPod when people are over, someone asks me who this is. This is my favorite track on the album.

Next I have a couple from Lovedrug out of Canton, OH. These guys are actually Indie Rockers and most of what they do isn’t as hard as the songs I’ve picked today. However, when they decide to pull out the stops, their melodic bent serves to create very hard edged but ear-friendly songs.

  • Pandamoranda – This track is off of their 2004 debut Pretend You’re Alive. The guitar feedback, attacking rhythm, and atonal harmony in the chorus will combine to give you a nosebleed.
  • Pushing the Shine – This track came off of 2007’s Everything Starts Where it Ends. Parts of this song have kind of a Queens of the Stone Age feel. Even with the melodic break in the middle of this song, I still think it rocks.

Finally, take an astringent swig of Every Time I Die from Buffalo, NY. I will warn you now Keith Buckley’s vocal stylings won’t be for everyone. Sometimes they harmonize sweetly. Other times he gargles a throatful of gravel. The thing I like about these guys is they absolutely mean it, but they manage to stomp through some very heavy songs without ever getting too far outside. I’ve picked a couple from their 2007 release The Big Dirty.

  • Rendez-Voodoo – When I’m in the mood for something heavy, this is perfect: edgy lyrics, hard hitting drums, melodic themes. It’s interesting, God love them, and that’s all I ask.
  • Pigs Is Pigs – Keith does a lot of screaming in this song, but it contains the irresistible line You know I’m no good. You know I’m no good at court ordered good-byes.

OK. Hopefully, you’re ready to face the weekly staff meeting.


February 17, 2009 - Posted by | Hard Rock, Metal

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