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Feel better


I think the Friday mix CD is going to be a weekly feature here at Missed Music. Lately, I have had conversations with friends who have financial, love, and even health woes. I’m sure you know a few of those yourself or perhaps you‘re having a tough time right now. My mix today is designed to pick you up and make you feel better.


Now, when I’m feeling depressed, the last thing I want to hear is happy, good-time party music. That’s not what this is. In fact, it starts a little low key, so it can match moods with someone feeling low, but throughout it gets happier and more hopeful. I find the last few tracks so uplifting I expect it would make just about anyone feel better. Sometimes the lyrics have a hopeful message, sometimes it is simply the music that conveys optimism. Anyway, if you don’t need this now, save it for a rainy day.
  1. Keep It Loose Keep It Tight – Amos Lee – Amos Lee
    This is a melancholy tune that discusses the fruitlessness of chasing fame and success.
  2. Lookin’ Up – Shelby Lynne – I Am Shelby Lynne
    A beautiful song of love lost.
  3. One Day Late – Sam Phillips – A Boot and a Shoe
    Help is coming — one day late. OK, not a hopeful message, but it almost looks at a desperate situation with a bit of humor, which is always healthy.
  4. The Only Living Boy in New York – Simon & Garfunkel – Garden State Movie Soundtrack
    I would like to thank Zach Braff for putting this beautiful, melancholy song on this soundtrack.
  5. I Wanna Stay Home – Jellyfish – Bellybutton
    Who has not felt this way?
  6. High Life – Counting Crows – This Desert Life
    I don’t really like most Counting Crows but This Desert Life was a high water mark in their songwriting career
  7. Survive – David Bowie – Hours
    Bowie continues to put out great music to this day. Hours was released in 1999.
  8. The Day Brings – Brad – Interiors
    I’ll do more on Brad another day. The singer from Pigeonhead and Satchel and the guitarist from Pearl Jam.
  9. Have a Talk With God – Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life
    Of course, you probably already have Songs in the Key of Life, but this is a great message of hope
  10. My Way Home – Citizen Cope – The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
    I saved one from yesterday.
  11. All Things Must Pass – George Harrison – All Things Must Pass
    George was a wise soul and this ultimately philosophical song dishes up equal servings of hope and acceptance.
  12. Everything’s Not Lost – Coldplay – Parachutes
    This was a big hit for them, so you’ve probably heard it, but how could I leave this track off a mix like this?
  13. Forever Begins – Common – Finding Forever
    Joy, hope, and wisdom in that order.

God speed and enjoy your weekend.


February 13, 2009 - Posted by | Mix CD

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