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A mix for your weekend

It’s Friday, so I’ve put together some odds and ends to make a party mix for you. There is some Hip Hop in this mix and most of it has a bit of a DJ mix kind of feel to it. I have a version of this mix at my own parties and it gets things going, cruises for a while and finishes strong. I put in links to Amazon. Check out the samples and maybe buy the MP3s for your iPod.

1. Cut Chemist Suite – Ozomatli – Ozomatli
As John Cusack said in High Fidelity , “You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention.” Ozomatli has between 7 and 10 members, all of whom are monsters. This track features Chali 2na’s (Jurassic 5) slick baritone flow, scratching, horns, the works.
2. Use the Force – Jamiraquai –
Travelling Without Moving
Continuing with Mr. Cusack, “Then you got to take it up a notch…” This track would make Dick Cheney get up and dance.Dee Jay
3. It’s Love – Jill Scott –
Who Is Jill Scott? (Words And Sounds Vol. 1)
I don’t always like Jill Scott, but she knocked this one out of the park. Hip lyrics, electric piano, and by now you will know I like horns.
4. Chocolate Chip – Miles Davis –
Doo Bop
It is tragic that Miles Davis died before Doo Bop  was released and before he could do 3 more albums like this one. Easy Mo Bee samples and production with Miles blowing. Smooth.
5. Pop Life -Prince –
Around the World in a Day
Not his biggest hit, but I like the groove a lot. Plus every time I spin it, someone asks me, “Is this Prince? Man, I forgot this song.” I couldn’t find this album on Amazon, so here is a link to a search result containing it.
6. Are You In – Incubus –
Morning View
Love this song. It is my ring tone. It follows Pop Life nicely and keeps the vibe going.
7. Everybody Got Their Something – Nikka Costa –
Everybody Got Their Something
A nice funky R&B groove from Nikka. I still like the horns.
8. Gotta Jibboo – Phish –
Yes. Phish. Farmhouse was a very accessible album from these guys and I think it featured some of Fishman’s (drummer) best, understated work — always in the pocket, serving the song. More horns, too. Heh.
9. Love in a Trashcan – The Raveonettes –
Pretty in Black
This is an extremely cool song with a bit of a retro feel, but I think it works here.
10. The Seed (2.0) – The Roots, featuring Cody Chestnutt –
The Roots invited Cody Chestnutt into the studio to rework his good song with great results.
11. Panorama – Treponem Pal –
A nice reggae feel, gravelly vocals and rough, stomping guitar. I love this song and it makes everyone want to go get another drink. Amazon has no samples for this, so here is a link to artistdirect.com, where you can hear it.
12. Six Underground (Nellee Hoopers Edit) – Sneaker Pimps –
Six Underground
I love this oozy remix of this song. The updated production makes this song sound fresh still.
13. Jump Right In – The Urge –
Master of Styles
These guys have toured with 311 and this song features vocals by Nick Hexum of 311 so it’s the same sound. The fat pop hook in the chorus makes it a crowd pleaser.

Well, there’s your mix. Enjoy with vodka and grapefruit juice. Have a good weekend!


February 6, 2009 - Posted by | Hip Hop, Mix CD, Popular


  1. cool post

    Comment by Hiphopsamplez | February 13, 2009 | Reply

    • If you’ve got any requests for future mixes or suggestions for music, I’ve always got an ear out for both. Thanks for reading!

      Comment by missedmusic | February 13, 2009 | Reply

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