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New music from the Old School

There are a lot of great artists doing vital work in styles that have — shall we say — passed the peak of their popularity. But old does not mean tired.

The first one I have for you today is R&B artist James Hunter out of Essex in England.

James Hunter has opened for and played with Van Morrison

James Hunter has opened for and played with Van Morrison

His 2006 release People Gonna Talk pulled down a Grammy nomination for a Best Traditional Blues Album of the Year, but it’s closer to Otis Redding than Howlin’ Wolf. The entire album is full of sweet, smooth songs of good love and bad. Sparse drum and guitar work and Van Morrison-esque saxophones arrangements decorate this beautiful album that even has a few danceable tracks. Fully ten songs from this disc made their way onto my iPod. I recommend you run out and pick this entire disc up. As a bonus, you will get the clever cartoon illustrations in the CD that James Hunter himself did. 

If, however, you just want to get a few tracks from iTunes, here are four suitable for candlelight and a bottle of wine on the couch.

  • People Gonna Talk
  • Mollena
  • I’ll Walk Away
  • Watch & Chain

You can find his website here.

I guess I have to go back now and listen to Tony! Toni! Tone!

I guess I have to go back now and listen to Tony! Toni! Tone!

Today’s other artist is Raphael Saadiq. He will absolutely knock you out with his take on the Motown sound. He’s not imitating old artists; he lives here. He’s a veteran of Tony! Toni! Toné and Lucy Pearl, and collaborations with literally dozens of superstars, but don’t miss his 2008 release The Way I See It.  The sincerity of the songwriting and the spirited vocal performance mixed with modern production values make this disc very listenable and even inspiring.

Four tracks you want on your iPod are

  • Sure Hope You Mean It (Stop reading this blog and go buy this track right now… then come back.)
  • 100 Yard Dash (You will look sexy dancing to this song.)
  • Staying in Love
  • Sometimes (Put this on when you’re feeling low. It works.)

His website  streams samples from the disc and links to places to buy the tracks.


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