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Fun and varied British rock from A Band of Bees

Every day it's the same thing...variety

Every day it's the same thing...variety

You should look into A Band of Bees. They’re a British outfit that simply goes by The Bees in the UK. These guys are a good time band with great flexibility. In a lot of ways they remind me of acts like Bowie or Phish in that you never know what the next track is going to sound like. The downside of this variety is that sometimes they outright miss, in my opinion. That said, they’ve put out three albums and there are a few outstanding tracks on all of them.

Their 2007 release, Octopus has a couple winners on it. Check out

  • Got to Let Go – A horn laden roller that reminds of the Stone Roses
  • (This Is for the) Better Days – This could be a Mike Gordon (Phish) song

Free the Bees, from 2004, has a couple of really fun tracks

  • Wash in the Rain
  • Chicken Payback – My daughter loves this song and I don’t have another one that sounds like it on my iPod

If you go back to Sunshine Hit Me from 2002, listen to

  • Punchbag – A very pretty, ethereal tune
  • A Minha Menina – I think they’re singing in either Italian or Portuguese. It reminds me another great British band, Gomez (but more about them another day)
  • You Got to Leave – An edgy, atonal track that grew on me

The band’s official website has a cool looking interface that looks like a turntable and will apparently let you listen to tracks and buy them. Sadly, I couldn’t make it work. I will leap at a chance to see them live and I look forward to future releases.


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