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Smooth and upbeat pop reggae

A recent favorite of mine is the unfortunately named Slightly Stoopid. Don’t let the silly name fool you, though. These guys from Ocean Beach, CA are a heavily reggae influenced pop six piece that play a brilliant mix of guitar, bass, percussion, sax, trumpet, and keys. They wrap a variety of grooves around fat pop hooks and I always find myself bobbing my head when they‘re on.

Check out their 2007 release Chronichitis. If you’re looking for a comparison… maybe Jack Johnson hooks up with Widespread Panic to play a dub show? The whole album flows but for me there were 5 standouts:

  • Hold on to the One
  • 2AM
  • Nobody Knows
  • Ocean
  • Jimi

2005’s Closer to the Sun was also brilliant and much closer to their reggae roots. If you just want to hit iTunes for some winners, get

  • Babylon Is Falling
  • Fat Spliffs
  • Basher
  • Up on a Plane
Slightly Stoopid. I know, I know. Just listen, OK?

Slightly Stoopid. I know, I know. Just listen, OK?

You can download some free music from the downloads page on http://slightlystoopid.com/. Bandellero from Closer to the Sun is available and that’s a nice track, but mostly I didn’t find the free tracks to be very representative of the clever and mature songwriting I like from their later albums. Now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll play Bonnaroo this year.


February 2, 2009 - Posted by | Popular, reggae

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