Missed Music

Music you didn’t know you needed…until now.

Every day, I listen for 5 hours and tell you the best 30 minutes…

Why am I starting a blog? Mainly because I love turning people onto great stuff they’ve never heard. My job as a corporate drone still allows me to pursue my passion of listening to anywhere from 2 to 5  hours of new music (or at least new to me) every day. I scour new and used CD stores, the library, the Internet, and my friends‘ collections and I listen to just about anything I can find.


Not actually me.

Not actually me.

I listen to lots of mainstream stuff, but I get around too. I will share with you the best I find of everything from Alternative to Opera, Hip Hop to New Age, World Music to Motown. Not everything I write about will be new and, of course, you will have heard some of what I listen to. But I do listen to new releases and anyway there is so much music that we all missed when it came out that there should be a few gems for you on this blog every day.

I like to make mix CDs for friends and family and I will do so occasionally here for you, too. These usually either strike a mood, encompass a theme, or simply rock.

If you have heard something that you think I would enjoy, please send the suggestion along. I’ll listen to it and I might post what I think.

I will be on the lookout for other cool things to add to this blog, so if you have suggestions for other content, send those along too. Thanks.


February 2, 2009 - Posted by | Comment Post

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